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"The · darkest · thing · about · Africa · has · always · been · our · ignorance · of · it"

Okay, so I'm a sap

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When I sat down to watch the movie Bolt yesterday, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I'd never heard of the movie before seeing it.  Had I, I might have guessed that the plot goes something like this:

- Girl has super bond with dog, who thinks he's a superhero created to protect the girl
- Dog takes himself too seriously and is overprotective
- Girl and dog get separated
- Girl sad
- Dog wants to find his "person," but in the meantime, is learning how to be a normal dog.  This includes learning how to play with dog toys, befriending other animals, riding with his head out the window, and living in a regular house, none of which he'd done before.
- Dog doesn't understand why he was separated from his person and begins to wonder if she really loved him
- Dog and his person are dramatically reunited, girl decides to give dog a more normal life from now on

Does any of this sound like someone you know?

This is not a good movie to watch if you've been in a situation where your safety and mental health hinged on your overprotective dog for two years but now you're separated and your dog is off learning how to be a normal dog.

Let me just say, it's embarrassing to cry while watching a Disney cartoon.  Especially in the first five minutes.

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On April 10th, 2009 04:45 am (UTC), dancing_darling commented:
I haven't seen the movie, however, from your summary of the plot I can see exactly why you would be distressed! I am so sorry. It's very very soon. You will be home soon, and I'm sure he's doing just fine. And I am thinking of you lots! ♥
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